Yarowsky Lab

Low-Resource Languages Lab at JHU

David Yarowsky

We focus on minimally supervised ("low-resource") and massively multilingual techniques in machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). We apply these methods to machine translation, speech recognition, lexicon induction, and historical linguistics. We are also the core of the Universal Morphology (UniMorph) project and the c(ur|re)ators of the Johns Hopkins University Bible Corpus.

We are led by David Yarowsky, ACL Fellow and Treasurer, Professor of Computer Science, and member of the multi-departmental Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), who is also affiliated with the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence.

On campus? Visit us in Hackerman 226.

We are seeking talented undergraduate, PhD, and master's students with curiosity about language and formalisms for several research projects in multilingual NLP and core methodologies. If interested, please email David and cc Arya. Both are lastname at jhu dot edu.

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Research Interests

Core Learning Techniques
Machine Translation
Natural Language Processing
Information Extraction


  • ().  . In . In . , Masters thesis. Masters thesis, . () ed.,
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